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Retractable Jaw Chucks

Positrol manufactures Industrial Retractable Jaw Chucks designed to meet your machining needs.

Retractable Jaw Cuck Functions

  • Jaws extend and retract to enable the turning of the complete shaft in one operation.
  • Heavy cuts can be made without slippage by extending the jaws to clamp the shaft.
  • Jaws retract out of the way and the facedriver is used for final turning.
  • Jaws compensate for part irregularities.
  • Driver pins mechanically compensate for out-of-square parts while the spring-loaded center compensates for center size variations.

Retractable Jaw Chuck Features

  • Chuck is sealed to prevent contamination
  • Facedrivers can be changed for different-sized shafts.
  • Standard or special chuck designs are available
  • Jaws are designed to meet customers' specific machining needs.

Positrol is a leading manufacturer of retractable jaw chucks with the capability to create a variety of custom workholding products. Contact us to learn more.