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Hydraulic NutsHow it Works Video

Hydraulic Nuts Replace Standard Nuts
to Provide a Quicker, Safer, and More Accurate Fastening of a Bolted Connection.

Simply hand-tighten the nut and actuate it with an allen wrench to extend the pressure ring. Hydraulic pressure from the ring exerts force onto the shaft to ensure the tightest fit.

Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic Nuts

Increased Safety
  • Holds under severe vibrations
  • Removes knife wobble
  • Compensates for stud relaxation
Increased Throughput
  • Allows for quick changes
  • Increases knife and arbor life
  • Simple to operate and requires less physical effort
Higher Quality
  • Compensates to decrease shaft runout
  • Eliminates friction twisting of the shaft

How it Works Video

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