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Positrol is known for making special, customized workholding. And while we do enjoy the challenges that those projects bring along, the greatest benefit from making so many specials is the ability to improve our standard product line.

One such example of this process would be Positrol's High Torque Collet Arbor. Designed for a rigid, demanding work environment, this collet continues to exceed customer expectations.

With up to three times the grip force of standard collets, the High Torque Collet is capable of gripping the full length of blind bores.

Standard diameters go down below .500" [.02mm] and repeatability is guaranteed to .0005" [13 microns] or better.

All components are hardened and ground to extend the life of the system and part confirmation comes standard. With positive unclamp, this collet is ideal for automated lines.

Positrol maintains the highest level of quality with their workholding. Their engineering expertise is top in the industry and they have a solution for you that will increase your throughput and quality.

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