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"If the machines are idle, we are not making money."

This seems to be the mantra around more and more companies as manufacturers fight for efficiencies. As a result, companies are not as flexible as they would like to be as they are constrained to strict scheduling. While there is no substitute for a good production schedule, there is a way to bring flexibility back into your operations.

A customer of Positrol's recently found themselves in this very situation. With low batch sizes, they were required to queue several different parts that required the same workholding. This delayed deliveries and increased inventory costs.

Positrol's customer was originally looking for a solution to speed up their changeovers. What they found was flexibility.

"The Chuck Change® has allowed us the flexibility to schedule parts that require chuck changes any time... Now we switch as much as 3 times a shift, depending on what is required."

"Positrol's Chuck Change® system decreased a 2 hour changeover time to 10 minutes and had a payback period of only 6 months. The operators are happier and repeatability is held at .0002".

"There are really 2 major advantages of the Chuck Change® system; flexibility and quick change. Allowing [our company] the flexibility to meet ever-changing customer needs creates competitive advantage."

At Positrol, we understand that our job is not to sell you workholding, but to help you win business and become more profitable.

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