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Durable. Long-lasting. Rigid.

These are the typical responses that Positrol gets when they ask the question, "What makes our workholding better than our competitors?"

At Positrol, we understand the demands that the industry is putting onto machines and workholding. Whether it is going faster or taking deeper cuts, aggressive machining is becoming the norm. And we at Positrol have been manufacturing workholding to handle these aggressive cuts for years.

"The satisfaction in your product has been phenomenal. We pretty much run the machines, with your drawback chucks, 24 hours/day and 6 days a week. Last year we were 24/7, with no problems. As for the application end of it, we run all steel forgings with extreme interruption with very little to grip on and have had great results."

At Positrol, we understand that our job is not to sell you workholding, but to help you win business and become more profitable.

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