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Positrol had an existing customer who was struggling with .010" runout, premature insert failure and inconsistent parts due to movement. With the cost of extra inserts and high scraps rates adding up fast, they began to look at their existing tooling. With over 50 sets of tooling and a limited budget, they looked to Positrol for an economic and permanent solution to an ongoing problem.

After Positrol's experienced engineering staff reviewed the part and the process, they recommended switching the workholding to a Positrol Hydraulic Arbor. After a smooth instillation process, Positrol's customer was very optimistic. And after six months?

"Scrap and rework was all but eliminated do to premature insert failure and bad finish from part movement. We have now been using our first expanding arbor for about six months with no problems."

If your scrap rate is a problem, call us. Our goal is to provide you workholding that works. So don't just think of Positrol the next time a new job comes up; let us help solve your existing workholding problems.

At Positrol, we understand that our job is not to sell you workholding, but to help you win business and become more profitable.

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