Welcome to Positrol

It is that time of year again when companies plead and beg you to come check them out at IMTS. They will over staff their booth with every sales representative that they've ever had. They will hire models to play the role of secretary and attempt to dazzle you with giveaways and shiny banners.

Not Positrol. At Positrol, we evaluate our IMTS experience not by the amount of people that we sent literature to, but by the number of partnerships that we developed. Instead of going to IMTS with a selfish what can we get out of this attitude, we go with a selfless how can we make our customers' IMTS experience better.

Positrol staffs its booth with engineers, not sales reps. Positrol backs its products up with unsolicited testimonials, not paid public speakers.

So, if you would like to discuss your workholding needs or concerns with someone on our engineering staff, please make an appointment to visit us at IMTS 2010. We our located in the West hall, booth W-2112.

At Positrol, we understand that our job is not to sell you workholding, but to help you win business and become more profitable.

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