Welcome to Positrol

Over the next several quarters, we will explore Positrol's standard product lines. While Positrol does offer complete, custom workholding solutions, they also have the best selection of standard components in the industry.

A great example of Positrol's standard product capabilities would be their Drawdown Chuck. Designed and build to last, this chuck will withstand the most demanding of production environments.

Completely sealed against chips, the Drawdown Chuck is designed to compensate for out-of-round parts.

Much more accurate than conventional chucks (.0005" TIR [13 microns]), the pullback action controls length and parallelism.

All components are hardened and ground to extend the life of the system and part confirmation and/or thru spindle coolant are popular options.

Positrol maintains the highest level of quality with their workholding. Their engineering expertise is top in the industry and they have a solution for you that will increase your throughput and quality.

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