Magnetic Chucks

What is a Magnetic Chuck?

A  magnetic chuck is a workholding device that uses magnetic force to hold a part during light machining or grinding operations. The expanding mandrel centralizes the part on the electromagnetic chuck, the magnetic force is initiated, and the mandrel is relaxed to allow for the part to be ground in the as-found condition.

Applications of Magnetic Chucks

Our magnetic chucks are fully customizable and designed specifically for your workholding system application. Typical applications include:

  • Parts that are out-of-round and easily distorted by clamping forces
  • Parts that are very thin wall and easily distorted by clamping forces
  • Parts that require very tight tolerances and easy distorted by clamping forces

Positrol has the capability to create a variety of custom workholding systems & products. Contact us to learn more about magnetic chucks!