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Industrial Fixture Clamping

As a fixture clamping manufacturer, Positrol’s industrial fixture clamping solutions utilize standard designs and components for holding round and odd-shaped parts for milling applications. A complete inventory of sizes for standard Cartridge Arbors and Chucks are stocked in quantities for quicker delivery.

Features of Fixture Clamps

  • Pullback or dead length design
  • Actuated using hydraulic or pneumatics
  • Sealed against chips


Gang Fixture

Positrol's Gang Fixtures are primarily second-operation milling on multiple parts in one operation.

  • Parts are ganged together to decrease setup time and increase throughput
  • Single or double-acting using air/hydraulic/springs
  • Locates on ID or OD of parts
  • Air sensing capable
  • Ported or external tubing


Self-Contained Indexer Arbors

Positrol's Indexer Arbors are primarily second operation milling to grip on machined diameter and pullback against a parallel face.

  • Self-contained actuator (Spring clamp / Air release)
  • Collet is hardened and ground for better repeatability and longer life
  • Pullback feature provides positive length control and parallelism
  • More accurate than sliding jaw chucks (.0005" T.I.R.)
  • Workstop is designed to suit
  • Air sensing and thru spindle coolant capable
  • Wide selection of collets to fit your specific part's needs

Fixture Clamping Products

Cartridge Milling Chuck
Cartridge Milling Chuck
Cartridge Arbors
Cartridge Arbors