Defense Workholding Devices

The armed forces routinely place themselves in harm’s way, and sometimes in isolated areas of the world. Since the equipment and machinery they use are crucial to their effectiveness and safety, the defense industry requires the utmost quality from manufacturing partners. 

Take your military application manufacturing capabilities to new performance levels with high-quality defense workholding equipment from Positrol, a proud National Center for Defense Manufacturing & Machining member. We’re a leading designer and manufacturer of workholding equipment for defense applications that improve production operation accuracy, effectiveness, and safety.

Significance of Defense Industry Workholding Equipment

The repeated creation of precision products is the aim of any manufacturing activity, whether it’s cutting, drilling, grinding, shaping, or milling. Securely gripping workpieces is essential for positive results, as slippage can produce part nonconformities and, in certain situations, damage machinery or injure personnel. 

The defense industry is responsible for the fabrication of equipment and technology for the armed forces. Manufacturers supporting this sector must produce components with challenging geometries from a diverse array of standard and exotic materials. To meet distinctive design requirements, machinists might have to accommodate small or large parts and perform operations at high speeds and with extreme amounts of force.

Advantages of Defense Workholding Devices

Integrating defense workholding equipment into a manufacturing process offers a variety of advantages. 

  • Enhanced precision
  • Faster clamping
  • Greater throughput
  • Faster machining
  • Improved part quality 
  • Reduced downtime

Better part quality is probably the most substantial benefit of defense workholding equipment. They provide consistent and controllable clamping forces, cutting down on the amount of nonconforming or scrap parts during production. As a result, company performance and client satisfaction increase. Contact us to learn more!