Cartridge Swing Clamp

What is a Cartridge Arbor Swing Clamp?

The Positrol cartridge arbor with interior swing clamps is designed to increase part rigidity during machining operations without interfering with tool paths.

How does the Cartridge Swing Clamp Work?

This innovative design allows the Positrol cartridge arbor to locate the ID while the interior swing clamps pull the part back. These cartridge arbor swing clamps are primarily engineered to simplify fixture designs used in the automotive industry, where high production and low cost manufacturing is deemed critical in today’s economy.

An example of a part suitable for this workholding application could be a steering knuckle. Parts are gripped and held securely to withstand the cutting forces generated in production machining. The added rigidity of the cartridge arbor swing clamp allows for a boost in speeds and feeds to increase overall throughput.

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