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Industrial Cartridge Chucks

Industrial Cartridge Chuck Features & Advantages:

OD Gripping Custom Cartridge Chucks with Integral Cylinder Mounts to Fixtures

  • Clamping and locating on the outside diameter allows better concentricity and true position
  • Pullback feature provides positive length control, parallelism, and perpendicularity
  • Chuck components are hardened and ground for long term repeatability
  • Air sensing capable to indicate the part is seated correctly
  • True parallel gripping compensates for part size variations

More Throughput and Cost Savings

  • Rigid clamping allows increased feed rates and tool life
  • Compact design allows for more parts on the fixture

Cartridge Chucks Simple Design

  • Integral actuator eliminates the need for costly cylinder adaptation
  • Workstop location provided on top or inside the chuck
  • Internal porting eliminates tubing chip traps
  • Standard and special chucks offered

Positrol custom manufacturers industrial cartridge chucks for any part you need to be held in place. Contact us to learn more.