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Between Centers Collet Arbor

A between centers collet arbor is ideally suited for grinding, turning and inspection operations between machine centers. Each end of the turn between centers mandrel conforms to the bore for positive gripping.

Between Centers Collet Arbor Features:

  • The extended arbor body is knurled to make handling easy. 
  • Arranged with a flat for mounting a drive dog. 
  • Pull back action for length control. 
  • Whistle notch in the arbor body permits mounting of a work stop.
  • Repeatability: .0005" T.I.R.
  • Stocked Size Range: .44" to 7.00" dia 
  • Max. Expansion: .006" to 030"

Positrol has the capability to manufacturer a between centers collet arbor, as well as to create a variety of custom workholding products, while serving many industries. Contact us to learn more.